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Fantasy Romance Author

The Magic Collector

A Gothic Fantasy Romance
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My Story

I was the toddler who cried because I didn't want to give library books back. The child who was grounded from reading when I was in trouble. And now, I am the adult with her head in the clouds.

I've been writing stories since I got my first notebook at the age of six. While those are under lock and key, I have other books you can dive into—care to go on an adventure? I write mainly fantasy romance and fairytale retellings, but I also love high fantasy and gothic romance. 

My Books
My Books

The Fox & the Briar

A Faerie
Sleeping Beauty Retelling

The Heart of the Sea

A Gender-Swapped
Little Mermaid Retelling

A Different Kind of Magic

A Victorian
Fantasy Romance

Works In Progress


Series: Once Upon a Reimagined Time (#3)

Status: First Draft

Word Count: 11,000

Series: None (Standalone)

Status: Editing

Word Count: 145,000

The Magic

Series: A Different Kind of Magic (#2)

Status: Outline & First Draft

Word Count: 15,000


Series: Fate Marked by the Fae (#1)

Status: First Draft

Word Count: 20,000

Fate Marked
by the Fae

Part One

A Wicked
Kind of Game

A Faerie
Snow White Retelling
A Gothic
Fantasy Romance
A Victorian
Fantasy Romance
A Beauty and the Beast /
Red Riding Hood Retelling
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