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A Faerie Sleeping Beauty Retelling

"Neither of us will bow, so one must break."

    Princess Briar Rose has been betrothed to Seelie Prince Loren since her naming day—the same day the Unseelie King cast the sleeping curse on her. With her entire life already decided, she yearns to make choices for herself instead of being dragged along by tradition and fate.


    Loren knows that he is the one at fault for the wall between Briar Rose and himself. But now that the curse is upon them—and the only way to break it is through True Love’s Kiss—he is terrified that, no matter how hard he is falling for her, he may not be enough.


    The Unseelie King has been working to restore the fractured Faerie Courts before the In-Between destroys them all. There is nothing he will let stand in his way, not even true love.

So, he has a choice for Briar Rose that will save Faerie… at the cost of betraying everyone.

The Fox & the Briar by Chesney Infalt

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