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Why Do I Need a Proofreader?

Mistakes are everywhere, regardless of whether the text is released through a traditional publisher or through indie avenues. While there are other proofreading options available such as paid programs or even listening to Microsoft Word read it aloud to you, there is something helpful about having more than one set of eyes on it. We tend to overlook our own errors but more easily see the errors others make. Besides, a program might catch minor mistakes, but it cannot understand things like connotation or when breaking a writing rule for effect is, in fact, allowed.

I love supporting authors—especially indie authors. That is why I have launched this affordable proofreading option, in hopes of making your work shine even brighter.

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I cannot recommend Chesney Infalt highly enough for her exceptional proofreading skills and unwavering attention to detail. As an author, I've had the pleasure of working with Chesney on several projects, and each time, she has surpassed my expectations with her meticulous approach to refining my work.


Chesney has an extraordinary eye for catching even the slightest errors, whether they be grammatical, typographical, or stylistic. Her dedication to perfection ensures that every sentence is polished to perfection, leaving no room for ambiguity or confusion.


What sets Chesney apart is not just her keen eye for detail, but also her commitment to understanding the nuances of the content she's proofreading. She takes the time to familiarize herself with the subject matter, ensuring that not only is the text free of errors, but it also maintains its clarity and coherence.


Working with Chesney has not only elevated the quality of my writing but has also instilled in me a greater sense of confidence in the finished product. Her professionalism, reliability, and passion for her craft make her an invaluable asset to any writer or publishing team.


If you're seeking a proofreader who will go above and beyond to ensure your work shines, look no further than Chesney Infalt. She is, without a doubt, a true master of her craft.

Author Katherine Macdonald

Price List

Here are the starting prices for my proofreading services. I will offer up a free trial to read ~500 words for a short story, ~1,000 words for a novella, or ~3,000 words for a novel. The final quote will depend on the amount of work the manuscript requires.


I am open to both fiction and non-fiction (as long as I am not fact-checking).


I offer a free trial (up to a certain amount of words) before we confirm your final quote.


I am open to booking in advance! Reach out to me, and I will see what my schedule allows for.



Confidentiality is of the utmost importance to me. I will not share your work with anyone else.


All of my edits will be suggestions so that you can easily accept or reject.


For short stories, I will expect payment beforehand. For novellas and novels, half will be expected beforehand and the other half upon completion.

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Thanks for submitting!

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